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About Kirsten

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Kirsten is a British singing and drama teacher of 12 years who lives in Coventry and teaches online internationally.

Taking on cello, piano, singing and drama lessons from a young age, performing arts was at the centre of her childhood. She enjoyed music scholarships within her school career and took part in regular concerts, festivals, competitions and musical productions, as well as progressing through ABRSM and LAMDA examinations.

At the age of 17, she began coaching singing as an amateur and fell in love with the way she was able to transform a person's confidence through music. She went on to earn a Dip.ABRSM and has now enjoyed a successful teaching career spanning over 10 years.

Her accolades include a 100% pass rate in ABSRM and LCM Musical Theatre exams, with over 80% of these being merits and distinctions, and many of her students have attained music scholarships

with prestigious schools, places in top performing arts universities and both solo and group parts within Opera North, The National Youth Choir of Great Britain and The National Youth Music

Theatre of Great Britain.

Kirsten has also acquired substantial experience as a choir leader. In 2015, she organised, staged

and directed a fundraising concert that raised nearly £1500 for Mind Charity and saw over 25 of

her young pupils performing John Rutter together. Kirsten has worked in a number of top tier

schools including Westville House School, Ghyll Royd School and Ilkley Grammar School, as well as

Hong Kong International School more recently. She teaches all ages but specialises in working

with children.

Whilst there is plenty of opportunity for the goal-orientated student, Kirsten's priority is to

nurture the person in front of her. With this, she meticulously personalises her approach

and material for every pupil and focuses first and foremost on developing confidence

through a fun, warm and encouraging learning environment. As part of her work with

young people, Kirsten is a strong advocate for children's mental wellbeing and continues

to further her professional development in this area as well as vocal pedagogy. 


Kirsten lives with her partner, George, and their son, Jesse. When she's not teaching, she enjoys spending time with her family and travelling.

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