Kirsten has a genuine love of children. She takes time and sensitivity to get to know every child she meets and learns how to bring the very best out in them. Whether it's matching someone's vibrant energy or taking a gentle and compassionate approach to a more shy individual, she establishes great rapport and strong relationships very quickly. 

Coupled with this is a passion for innovation and creativity that constitutes a large part of her customised 1-to-1 teaching. Kirsten regularly devises her own games, exercises and learning techniques that work especially well with young minds that are keen for adventure and play.


With this combination of skills, she formed the idea of offering bespoke children's parties where kids would be able to enjoy something really different to what they've experienced before.


These parties are perfect for the birthday girl or boy that LOVES performing arts. Centred around music and drama, they can 'create their own day' from a multitude of ideas and games that will be personalised to make them feel extra special!

A generalisation of what to expect includes:

  • Music games 

  • Drama games

  • Costume themes

  • Classic party games

  • Scavenger hunts

  • Obstacle courses

  • Puzzles and critical thinking

  • Fun with water

  • Arts and Crafts

Prices vary. Contact Kirsten for a free initial consultation and to book your date!