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NEW weekly singing classes in Discovery Bay!

Checking out Discovery Bay for the first time...

Much like Dorothy felt when she landed over the rainbow, as I came off the ferry I found myself thinking '...we are definitely not in Hong Kong anymore'. And although I was, what a contrast 25 minutes makes!

I caught my bus up to North Plaza where I was holding my trial classes but jumped off just short of where I needed to be so I could have a little walk. I walked through a large turning circle that hosted the entrance to a lovely hotel and was neatly decorated by lovely flowers, shrubbery and palm trees. It was so peaceful and calm, with very few people around and I wondered where the 'welcome to Duloc' singing machine was going to be...

Having lived in the city now for 3 months, it felt odd, foreign and refreshing all at once to be in this very different environment that almost reminded me of Europe.

As I ventured up towards the shops, I encountered more people, - families mainly, and made my next observation: these people are living the good life. Obviously, it's all relative, but I did feel a sense of ease and happiness from the people around DB. I'm not surprised either, the longer I was there, the more I liked it.

In the most perfectly situated office block stationed right on the beach, I found where I was holding my classes. From spending most of my years teaching in dilapidated town halls or tiny (and often dull) practice rooms, I really had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I saw where I was going to be teaching...

What you can't see from this photo is the stunning balcony that sits over the beach and overlooks the most beautiful landscape. Kids don't appreciate that kind of thing so much but even one of the little girls who came in to trial commented on how beautiful it was!

The acoustics were fantastic too which is something all musicians have a bit of an obsession over. I had a wonderful day meeting some really lovely families and some even more talented kids, but the most uplifting thing to see was the genuine love of singing radiating off all the children I met. Raw ability is one thing, but enthusiasm and passion is something far greater!

After a successful response, I decided it would be a crime not to look into some group classes with such a beautiful space to call home! I can't wait to be a regular in this place because it really is special.

If you're in Discovery Bay or live nearby, feel free to get in touch for more information on the classes below OR 1-to-1 singing lessons!

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